“I am nothing.

I'll never be anything.

I couldn't want to be something.

Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world.”

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“O João é um profissional incrível, capaz de captar o sentimento e a emoção de cada momento através da sua lente. O vídeo do nosso casamento é o retrato perfeito de um dia inesquecível, onde o João nos acompanhou quase sem darmos por ele, nunca deixando escapar qualquer pormenor. O João prima pela sua capacidade técnica e simpatia, criando uma simbiose perfeita entre sua visão pessoal e a expectativa que tínhamos para o vídeo, procurando dar-nos a recordação perfeita do nosso dia.”

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João and Isabel’s presence was calm and discrete, which allowed them to capture special and emotional moments in its most natural form and without being noticed. João is extremely creative and is also open for inputs from the bride and groom, and he only stops improving until they are 100% satisfied. He has a great sensibility for other’s emotions and an amazing capacity to capture and portrait that. The result is chilling!

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“Joao Rosa is a very talented videographer, and we would not have chosen anyone else to record our day. On the day we have been delivered our wedding video, we couldn’t help but watch it three times in a row. We couldn’t get over it – each bit was personal, and touching. Joao Rosa just did it beautifully!
From an outsider perspective, once we shared the video with our family and friends, many of of them said they haven’t ever seen such a unique wedding video, and also some even asked to re-watch it all over again. And there we go, anytime we watch it again, we notice another subtle detail or sublime moment and it’s never tiring but stimulating if anything. We cannot thank enough Joao and Isabel for being so discreet, and at the same time thorough, in capturing every detail of our day and putting it all together the way they did. As we told them before they made a masterpiece out of our very special day and then delivered it to us so we never forget any bit of it.”

Fueron los videografos de nuestra boda y no podemos estar más contentos con la elección. Son muy profesionales pero a la vez cercanos. El idioma no fue ningún problema ya que se defienden perfectamente en castellano. Supieron captar a la perfección cada instante de ese día tan especial y el montaje del vídeo es como una pequeño corto que no te cansas de ver. Los recomendaríamos una y mil veces! Son fantásticos!!!

We are fortunate enough to have some brands working with us, trusting our work.

We honestly don’t think our work can be easier since we love it so much, but they surely help us on this journey.

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