10 Wedding Venues in Naples Italy

wedding venues in naples italy

10 Wedding Venues in Naples Italy

Every bride has their dream wedding venue; however, if yours is Naples, Italy, you chose right! Italy has beautiful sceneries that are bound to make your wedding one to remember – we absolutely loved filming one in the Tuscany region a while ago. It is nothing short of iconic and suitable for any wedding, be it religious or symbolic. There are numerous churches to serve that purpose.

There is so much to learn about the culture, food, history, and tradition, but we’re pretty sure that it will make your stay quite enjoyable. One of our all time favorite trips still is when we spent a couple of days in Rome (you can see this story here) when we were there for a destination wedding.

Suppose you are a foreigner and intend to have a wedding in Italy. In that case, you should have a valid passport or national ID card, original birth certificate, or divorce papers if you are getting married again. You must also know that the cost of having a destination wedding in Naples differs depending on the venue. The following are some of the best wedding venues in Naples, Italy.

Villa Vittoria

Ever thought of getting married in a national park? If so, perhaps this is the place for you as it is a villa in Vesuvius National Park. This is one of the wedding venues in Naples Italy and is perfect for the adventurous couples. Villa Vittoria possesses a beautiful Mediterranean-style garden. If anything, the garden is an excellent place for you and your guests to have a few drinks and converse. Can you imagine how striking this venue is during the summer months? One to die for!

Grand Hotel Vesuvio

Do you want your starry wedding to be worth the tabloids? Grand Hotel will give you this and more. It is renowned for hosting Bill and Hillary Clinton, not to forget the legend Giorgio Armani. It has been there since 1882 and is a landmark in the area. Grand Hotel Vesuvio can accommodate up to 800 people; hence, if you are planning a huge party and your guests lie within that number, you are lucky. Note that it is one of the top wedding venues in Naples Italy. It looks directly onto the Naples Marina, which has luxurious yachts; moreover, on one side, you will see a never-ending bay and the sight of the city skyline on the other.

Villa Vazia Eventi

Any bride and groom looking for a venue with diverse spaces will find this one excellent. The various areas include the Grottone, which lies in a mountain where there is an external terrace that looks over the sea. You will undoubtedly love the backdrop of the photos that will be taken on your wedding day. The other space is known as the magnificent Sara Mare. It can hold up to 260 people and is therefore convenient for a couple with few guests. In addition to that, it has a fantastic view of the landscape and is one of our favorite wedding venues in Naples Italy.

Palazzo San Teodoro

If your dream is to have a royal princess wedding, this venue will make your dreams a reality. Palazzo San Teodoro is dated back to the 18th century and has a neoclassic architectural style. Its location is convenient to everyone as it is centrally located; that way offers easy access. There are three halls, namely, Mirrors Hall, Dance Hall, and Gallery, which are great for hosting weddings. You and your guests will have more than enough parking space, and outstanding services shall be administered. Some of the wedding venues in Naples Italy are absolutely gorgeous and you can definitely find just the perfect one for you.

Tenuta Astroni

For couples who prefer going to venues on the outskirts of cities or towns, Tenuta Astroni is one of a kind. It is set in the corner of Camp Flegrei, which has pristine green spaces. This venue spells out the elegance in the best way possible due to its interior design and, as a result, is excellent for minimalistic couples. Suppose you want to have an outdoor wedding. In that case, you will enjoy the view of fountains that have spectacular light effects, beautiful gardens, and pools. The latter will give your wedding photos life, thus making that day unforgettable.

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Romeo Hotel

Couples who are set to go all out and make their wedding a big one may choose this hotel for it is not only luxurious but can accommodate great numbers. You must know that it is a five-star hotel and can make your wedding have a modernized touch. Romeo Hotel has many venues that you can choose from, giving you the chance to select the best one yet. It also has excellent services that you could use, such as an exclusive wedding coordinator and customized menus, among many others. One of the wedding venues in Naples Italy to be taken into account for a luxurious wedding.

Villa Holiday

This hotel offers privacy for soon-to-wed couples. It has a classic style and is located within 12,000 square meters of a parkland. You will also not take too much time to get to this venue as it is only 10 minutes away from downtown Naples. It has facilities such as swimming, a lounging area, a gazebo, and electric cars, which can be used when you or your guests wish to explore the surrounding areas.

Also, who doesn’t love a cool party night at a night club? This is one of the wedding venues in Naples Italy that has a nightclub with a private room that you can take advantage of. Villa Holiday has supportive staff members who will ascertain that all your needs are met for that special day.

La Terra Degli Aranci

One of the most known wedding venues in Naples Italy. Are you one who loves nature and would love to get married in such environs? La Terra Degli Aranci offers soon-to-wed couples absolute sophistication as it is a very exquisite outdoor and indoor venue; hence, feel free to settle for either. The outdoor option has the most scenic lawns that will excite any bride and groom. If you are keen on details, be sure that the staff will not disappoint you as there are fantastic tableware and what have you.

Villa Diamante

This recently transformed villa is excellent for people who love minimalistic décor. The city can be seen at the foot, explaining why the décor is minimalistic; the owner did not want the city to go unnoticed. Imagine waking up and having a glance over the Gulf of Naples and its crystalline sea in the morning light – this venue is gorgeous. It was born from the restoration of an ancient cloistered convent in the heart of Posillipo. If you are looking for stylish wedding venues in Naples Italy, this might be the one for your wedding.

Villa Habiba

Who would say no to a lake view wedding? You will see fantastic views of Lake Averno and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, which is their specialty.  Villa Habiba has a flower garden where you and your partner can take your vows while surrounded by nature and your dearest friends and family.

There is so much to choose from as much it all comes to the aesthetic you want for your wedding. Ensure to contact these places early enough to check on the availability before it is too late.

I hope you enjoyed the best wedding venues in Naples, Italy.

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