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Tuscany Wedding // Grab some popcorn, because we have so much to tell you about this weekend!

We were initially contacted by one of Andreia’s bridesmaids, asking us for availability to shoot a wedding. This is usually one thing that leaves us wondering why the couple doesn’t message us directly but then we read the rest of the e-mail. The bridesmaid really loved our wedding videos and first wanted to make sure we were available for that weekend.

And, on top of it, it was going to be in Italy – one of the many places we had on our bucket list to shoot – a Tuscany Wedding! After exchanging a couple of e-mails with the bridesmaid we arranged a video call with the couple and we were surprised because it was already settled, they were 100% sure they wanted us to shoot their wedding. We sure could write off the check that we had on our bucket list saying: Tuscany Wedding. 25 more to go, ah!

And on top of it, we were going to have Ricardo Meira with us on this adventure, so what else could we ask?

After this first call we arranged a couple more because there were so many details we wanted to be involved in and the couple was super nice – we became friends right after a couple of calls. Andreia and Tobias were living in Switzerland but they got to know each other while doing Erasmus in Siena, Italy.

And this was the reason why they wanted to get married in Italy, because their story started there (long story short, Tobias head Andreia talking Portuguese with some friends in an Erasmus party and asked her what was she speaking, was it Russian? I think you can imagine how they started their relation afterwards).

So we also wanted to go to Siena with them, since it was part of their story, and besides the wedding day we arranged an extra day to spend with them and their family in Siena, where we got to know a bit more about not only their story but also Siena’s history.

This was not going to be just a destination wedding Tuscany wedding, but a whole weekend enjoying this culture and places with their family and friends

We were simply amazed by the beauty of the venue when we arrived there. We’ve seen images from Castello di Petrata before but being there was majestic – everything seemed to be in the right place and arranged like in a movie. The weekend was going to start on friday with a welcome dinner for the guests, with Andreia and Tobias cooking some traditional dish from Italy – gnocchi – it’s delicious!

So we spent the first day of with everyone on friday and by the time we were having dinner we knew this weekend was going to be a blast! They had an amazing cocktail party outside and it was so much fun with everyone just happy to be in Italy enjoying the sunset and evening with friends and family. We finished first day of shooting with the feeling that our work could be done by then and it was already an awesome day. But their wedding day was still to come on the next day.

After having breakfast with the first guests coming down after getting some rest, we started to wander around to see how was everyone doing and if our couple was already awake and ready to get married. But then, out of nowhere, a huge storm arrived, with lightnings and heavy rain soaking everything that was already arranged for the wedding.

While they were getting ready, the staff needed to change the place of the ceremony to a plan B location, cleaning everything in just a couple of hours to make it happen. And then, just like it came, the rain went away and we were able to have a beautiful blue sky during their ceremony.

We witnessed the true meaning of Ohana, the moto for Andreia and Tobias’ life – family is everything for them. Their godfathers and godmothers presented the ceremony, and it was super emotional for everyone – us included. We were just so lucky to be able to witness this union not only between the couple but also between their families. This Tuscany wedding wasn’t about Italy or about the place. It was about their family and we could feel that so easily we got goosebumps!

At the end of the day, with the sky clearing just in time, an incredible sunset light hit everyone and we all ran to the fields to enjoy it. It was magical to see the sun setting in Tuscany fields and it felt just right to end the day like this. Oh – but the day couldn’t end without the most professional first dance we’ve ever seen. Andreia and Tobias practiced for some months with a coreographer and they looked like 2 professional dancers on the dance floor!

This amazing weekend finished with a pool party on Sunday, followed by a barbecue in one of the beautiful gardens of the venue. The wind and rain appeared again during afternoon so they all went inside, where they finished singing traditional songs from both countries, all of them hugged and truly happy to become just one big family.

It just seemed like the perfect weekend and it couldn’t get better, right? A Tuscany Wedding with lots of people having fun in one of the most beautiful venues we have ever seen, right?

Well, let’s just say that just by pure luck, me and Isabel were able to take some days off before and after this weekend. We spend the first days before the wedding in Rome – where I did one of the things that felt better in my whole life! (you can check it here and see it for yourself) – and on the days following the wedding we went to Cinqueterre since none of us was ever there. Ok I’ll stop by now so you don’t think doing destination weddings is just fun and travel, we also work 😉

This might look offtopic, but I entitled this video ‘Ohana’ – a video about being happy and about being surrounded by family, because family means everything. A destination Tuscany wedding we were so happy to shoot.

We just love going back to Italy, so if you’re looking for a destination wedding videographer to capture you’re amazing day, reach out and we can’t wait to talk more!

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