To Rome With Love

Engagement session in Rome

Probably one of the things I’ve ever done that gave me the most joy. We shoot a session in Rome, and the story behind it is everything!

I don’t know if you’ve seen it by now but we were in Italy to shoot a destination Tuscany wedding. The couple was living in Switzerland but they got to know each other in Siena while doing Erasmus, and because of this they wanted to get married in that area. After everything was arranged for the wedding, me and Isabel found some days to spend just for us and visit Rome before the wedding – we were flying there and drive to Tuscany – and then some more days in Cinqueterre after the wedding.

We were enjoying Rome like we hadn’t before. We were both in Rome already when we weren’t even together, but we both felt this time was different. We ran away from the most iconic places, only visiting them during the night and this way they weren’t packed with people (the only exception was when we went to the Colosseum since I didn’t enter the first time I was in Rome, but even that we didn’t find it stressful).

We were spending the days like locals, taking the time to relax in some nice trattorias for dinner or enjoying a beer in the afternoon, talk to the people there and ask where we should go that no one else goes – and I believe this was what gave such a great time in the city.

The night we heard about the proposal

And then, on our second night we were out for dinner in one of the many trattorias we tried when something happened that made us feel so good with ourselves. We were sitting outside and there were like 6 tables only, when, as we were enjoying a tiramisu (1 a day, keeps the doctor away!), a couple sat on the table not next to ours but the other one after.

I mean, you could totally feel their energy and their happiness, everyone could see that – we were mesmerized by them and we couldn’t figure out what happened. Did they just won the Lottery? And then, a couple minutes later they were making a video call with probably some friends or close relatives and even the guy serving them joined the video call – they just got engaged during the sunset, like one hour ago. Their happiness was contagious, I can’t even explain how we felt! Everyone was really happy in that trattoria from that moment on, it felt amazing!

And then we started wondering, maybe we should say something to them, but what?! After all we were wedding videographers! I mean, we were in Italy to shoot a destination wedding, so we couldn’t help ourselves but to feel good for them. I asked Isabel if I should address them and of course she told me to go for it. We asked the bill, paid and got up, and I went to their table with Isabel.

That’s it, we want to do a photo session in Rome with the two of you!

We told them we noticed what just happened (I mean, who wouldn’t?!) and that we were there to shoot a destination wedding in Tuscany and we would love to offer them some photos to register this moment and do a kind of photo session in Rome. I told them I was not a photographer by any means, we were just videographers but we love to take pictures and after all, movies are just moving pictures right?

They looked at each other and then to us with some serious doubts about what we were talking about. We then told them they didn’t have to reply straight away, we were going to stay in Rome for two more nights, and we gave them our Instagram for them to check our work and see that we weren’t trying to scam or hurt them (ahah) and left the place so they could enjoy the rest of their meal.

When we arrived our hotel I already had a pm on instagram saying that they would love to meet us the next day for some photos so they could keep these memories and show to their friends their session in Rome.

We met around 6pm for a walk over the city, I told them I didn’t want to have them much time since they should enjoy the city and the recent engagement but we managed to take some pictures so they can keep these memories for a long time. I don’t think we will be able to express how we felt that day, but we were so so happy. It just felt right to do it, you know?

And that light in Rome, oh my god.

JOAOROSAVISUALS // Destination Wedding Videographer

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