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Wedding Inspiration for 2023

Inspiration // We all need it. We are all capable of starting over and be a better version of ourselves. The good thing about inspiration is that one can never have too much of it. Either if you’re feeling great, you enjoy it, and even if you’re feeling not so good you may need it.

So, picture this: you’re a creative person (even if you’re not on the wedding industry whatsoever). You have some projects going on, you are really loving what you’re doing and everything is on the right tracks. It seems like 202 is going to be THE year, right? But then the pandemic hits. 2020 was going to be a great year for lots of friends that I know off. Maybe because it looked cool – 2020! But the reality was that it was a tough year for everyone.

We are a really optimistic couple and we don’t like to see the bad side of things, so we usually don’t talk much about this pandemic because – sorry to say this – we believe covid19 was a good thing that happened to a lot of us (I will not talk about deaths of course, business that went down and so on, so not everything about the pandemic was a good thing of course!!).

What we mean with this is that during this year we were able to focus on the things we really love. What really matters to us – even if it’s friends, family, personal projects that were sitting around for years or something else. We really like to think in a way that we can see the positive stuff about what happens in our lives. Even small things like prepping up our jeep and go on a roadtrip for two weeks sleeping in the car and enjoying the outdoors. Or watching more movies and TV series than ever. Maybe we were able to find more wedding inspiration in just doing these kind of things, who knows.

And the video that we present here is exactly that. It was one of the last years highlights, it showed us how we can create new things and be happy with what we are and by doing our art.

Now imagine that you could restart. You could start all over again and only focus on the good things. In being a better version of yourself. In finding love even in the small things.

When Rosário from Bouquet de Liz called us with this idea we were amazed and so in love with it that it could be ours. Each one of us can have their own reasons, but in some way, we all need to restart. Rosário personally needed this to relaunch their image, their brand, but it was much more than that. This was the wedding inspiration that not only Bouquet de Liz needed, but all of us.

So let’s not forget all the good things we had in 2020, and always try to be better not only to our loved ones but to everyone, even if it is a stranger we just saw in the street that just said hello. Find inspiration in everything from the books or the music you listen to the people you meet.

This is a tribute to art. To the art that we are able to create. This is some wedding inspiration for 2023.

Recomeçar means restart in Portuguese. This is “re . co . me . çar”

JOAOROSAVISUALS // Destination Wedding Videographer

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