Wedding Videographer Portugal

Hello, we are João and Isabel and we are destination wedding videographers based in Portugal. Glad to see you here!

Wedding Videographer Portugal

Hey there! We are João and Isabel, we were at some point of our lives both Biologists studying at the same university, in Coimbra, Portugal. Our paths crossed when we were doing our Master degree and from that moment everything lead us to this place and time. Well to be honest, I was kind of Isabel’s supervisor during her thesis year, so lots of hours of lab work and field trips might have lead us here!

Isabel is a science teacher by day and an awesome videographer by night. It’s because of her we are able to create such unique wedding videos. I usually say that she is the filter that comes to the computer while I’m editing and she starts saying what should or shouldn’t be in the videos. After so many hours of editing we still export the video and sat on the couch to watch them together and see how it looks while having a good glass of red wine. If we still get goosebumps after all the hours we have been looking to the footage, all good and we can send the videos to our couples.

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We just don’t get tired of watching and rewatching the wedding videos that we do because each one of them is so unique and allows us to relive the day where we had so much fun.

I finished my PhD in Biosciences in mid December 2019 and from that moment on I knew (well to be honest I’ve been slowly discovering during the past few years) that I would immediately leave Research and the University and dedicate myself to do what I love the most – being a wedding videographer Portugal – it brings me so much joy than just spending ours on the lab and writing research papers about antibiotics on fish that no one would read (ok, let’s pretend someone does read them for my peace of mind).

Destination Wedding Videos made with love.

We like to consider ourselves destination wedding videographers, because that way we can merge two of the things we love the most – traveling and meeting new places, and our couples. Being able to do this for a living looks like a dream come true. Because every wedding is unique and have their own shenanigans we want to be immersed in your wedding day as much as we can. And that means we will have fun with everyone, yes sir!

We have been fortunate enough to fly to some places to do what we love the most, but we still have so many more on our bucket list, I won’t start writing them down so I don’t bother you with endless list. Let’s just assume that there’s no such thing as getting bored to fly to other countries.

Wedding Videographer Portugal

We love to travel but we also love to have a home to come back to. And that home is in Portugal. We used to live in Coimbra, the city of the students (parties here were crazy when we were in the university!). This is the city where we met and where we still have our small home, despite none of us being from here. The only thing that’s missing in our lives and at home is a doggo. We both love dogs so much, we can’t wait to move to a bigger house and have a new friend on board with us.

And now we are near the Lisbon area. Because Isabel is teaching in the area, we thought it was a good idea to come here, instead of jumping from one place to the other every other year. For us it works perfectly because being a wedding videographer Portugal allows me to work from everywhere I want and still be able to create incredible wedding videos for our couples.

So if you decided to get married in Portugal and are doing some research, thats awesome. It means that you just arrived here and hopefully seen some of our work. We would love to chat a bit more and tell you all about the good things our little corner by the sea has to offer. Heck, you might just have found a wedding videographer Portugal.


I just had to come here and add a new photo of Isabel – I think it’s my favorite ever. Love this girl!

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