Going to start with a full disclaimer on this one: by the time you are reading this, I added some more to this list of the best wedding venues in Portugal. We decided to create this list in 2021 and the truth is that it has helped a lot of couples who are looking for a venue for their destination wedding in Portugal. Since we had the chance of knowing some more beautiful wedding venues in Portugal during this time, we decided to update our list. So there’s some extra ones for you to check!

So, you just decided to get married in Portugal. Either you spent some nice holidays in here, or had some friends that already know Portugal and fell in love with it, but you think this is the perfect place for your wedding and now you are looking for the best wedding venues in Portugal.

During the past few years, Portugal won dozens and dozens of travel awards, including many of the most important World Travel Awards, also known as the Oscars of Tourism. Portugal has been the World’s Leading Destination in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and Europe’s Leading Destination in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. And this is only to mention a few of them, so it is explained why everyone wants to come to Portugal and even get married in Portugal.

We totally understand why! I mean, we absolutely love our small country by the sea where everything feels perfect – We will be posting something on why you should get married in Portugal, but since you are already here, you already know why you want to have your destination wedding in Portugal. Being a destination wedding videographer couple usually means that we travel the world to film in some of the most beautiful places. But we surely like to film in Portugal because we do have some of the most amazing places and venues in here as well.

And we know that there are hundreds of couples like you that see Portugal as a place to throw their wedding because they know they will be extremely happy with their choices. From the sunny weather that allows you to have an outdoor wedding, to the food and friendly people you will meet, we are sure Portugal is one of the best countries to get married.

This is why we decided to create this list of wedding venues in Portugal for you. From modern architectonic landmarks to gorgeous palaces, from small and intimate to big 3 day party with your friends and family, we decided to put together 15 of our favorite wedding venues in Portugal.

If you have some other questions or you already have your wedding venue in Portugal but want some cool wedding video to go with it, just reach out to us and we would love to chat!

We would love to be with you during your wedding day.

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These are our favorite wedding venues in Portugal

Wedding Venues in North of Portugal

We have some – and this is us being modest – great places and great wedding venues in Portugal. So saying one is classified as a National Heritage site means a lot. And Pousada de Amares is one of these places. This is a restored 12th-century Cistercian monastery (by no less than the Pritzker award-winner Eduardo Souto de Moura) in the northern part of Portugal, in a village called Santa Maria do Bouro.

If you are into discovering more of our lovely country, this area is definitely one to consider. It is located in the outskirts of Serra do Gerês, the second highest mountain in continental Portugal, and it is a place we always like to visit when we feel like going on an adventure or simply just relaxing in the mountains.

This venue has history, beautiful views, and a charming minimalist interior. If you want to have a religious ceremony, you can have it in no less than the magnificent monastery church, which was completely rebuilt in the 17th century. But if you prefer to have a civil ceremony, you have several places to choose from. You can have it in the cloister, on the terrace, or in the courtyard by the orange trees.

The highlight for us would be seeing the tables set under the fairy lights, in the central courtyard surrounded by the cloisters. We are always mesmerized by this image when we see it, and we are sure you will also love it. If you ever been in Portugal, you know that food is very important for us, but the staff from Pousada de Amares will surely make sure you and your guests are being well-fed, and having a great time.

These photos were taken by our friends Across The Mountains. Check out more from this amazing wedding at Pousada de Amares.

Pousada de Amares jardim joaorosavisualsPousada de Amares joaorosavisualsPousada de Amares cerimonia joaorosavisuals

You may find either Solar da Levada or Lago dos Cisnes when you google one of these names. They are on the same place and use the same decorations and planning, but they are distinct. If you ever thought about having a Disney princess wedding, this is one of the wedding venues in Portugal that you should be looking at. From the outdoor gardens to its decor, everything will make you feel like you are on a fairytale.

It has lots of space where you can have a symbolic ceremony or you can even use the small chapel that belongs to this Solar. The spaces available for you and your guests are beautiful and you will love how everything seems to be perfectly put there. We really love the big saloon with huge windows where you will find the bridal table. It is absolutely gorgeous!

You can enjoy some fireworks while cutting the cake by the swimming pool, and let your guests enjoy this visual show happening in front of their eyes. It is definitely one of the wedding venues in Portugal that will meet your eye. And you will be mesmerized when you see all your guests enjoying the party under the Arcada of Santo António.

We probably already shot a handfull of weddings at this venue and we keep loving it!

These photos were taken by Menino Conhece Menina. We always have so much fun together!

solar da levada joaorosavisualssolar da levada ceremonysolar da levada first dance with father

This is one of the few ‘true’ hotel we decided to include on this list about the best wedding venues in Portugal, and that means a lot. We had the pleasure of spending a weekend there just for the two of us and we fell in love with this place. Everything about it makes you feel like you’re living your life to its fullest. We just wanted to live there forever.

And having your wedding there will be simply amazing. You can be served by a 2-star Michelin chef and try some of the best food our country has to offer. This hotel is also highly linked to the wine tradition we have in our country and especially Port wine, since it is surrounded by so many Port wine cellars – so do make sure to come some days earlier and take a walk around to get to know the process involved in making of this famous good.

They have beautiful master wine-themed suites and they even have their SPA with special treatments related to wine’s properties (it’s called Caudalie Vinothérapie SPA) that will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

Being a hotel is perfect for you and your guests since you don’t need to worry about everyone’s accommodation. It is located in Gaia margin, and is facing Porto side of the Douro river, so if you see some postcards from Porto landscape, they are probably taken from this side. It has plenty of gardens and terraces where you can enjoy some cocktails during sunset with your guests or even throw the wedding party in the outdoors. And let’s not forget about the incredible decanter shaped infinite pool with spectacular panoramic views over Porto’s Historic Centre, which is the jewel of the crown for us.

These photos were taken by the awesome couple that is Arte Magna. We sure love them!

the yeatman joaorosavisualsthe yeatman ceremony entrance bride and fatherthe yeatman wedding view over porto

If you love wine, we think this should definitely be one of the wedding venues in Portugal for you to consider. Quinta da Pacheca exists since 1903 and it is a mandatory visit if you plan to go for the Douro Valley region. Pacheca is surrounded by its own vineyards and it is situated in the heart of the Douro region. If you never heard of Douro, you probably already heard about Port Wine? It all started here.

This wedding venue has everything you will need for your perfect wedding. And if you are also a fan of good food to go with good wine, Quinta da Pacheca offers some of the best food you can have, with its own chef cooking for you. It has a big modern room where you can have your wedding dinner, but the winner for us is the old winery. Imagine having a candle lit dinner in a room full of history like that one, where the smell of the big barrels takes your mind traveling to centuries ago! We are sure your guests won’t forget that experience.

Quinta da Pacheca also has rooms and small houses where you can stay, and a new hotel for you or your guests. The most iconic place to stay though is the wine barrels, a nice architectonic built which already won some awards. It’s definitely a cool place to sleep and a new experience on its own.

These photos were taken by our talented friend Miguel Matos.

quinta da pacheca joaorosavisualsquinta da pacheca ceremonyquinta da pacheca wedding

Our favorite wedding venues in Portugal list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t speak about Six Senses Douro. It is located in the world’s demarcated wine region of Portugal. Douro’s landscapes are one of a kind, with vine-covered rolling hills leading to Douro River, making it one of the UNESCO World Heritage places to visit in Portugal. The hotel itself is a 19th century manor house, with glorious gardens, woodlands and sweeping panoramas, and can accommodate up to 60 guests in gorgeous bedrooms with panoramic view and private balconies. This hotel was even recognized by Virtuoso Hotels&Resorts as the resort with the Best Achievement in Design.

Six Senses Douro Valley is a special place that will give a modern and stylish feel to your wedding, while being loyal to Portuguese traditions. You will have to rent the whole hotel for 2 nights in order to be able to hold your wedding in there, which is not a small fee, but totally worth since you will have full flexibility to use every beautiful spot as you would like.

Customer service is second to none and the top notch catering offered by the hotel will make your wedding an unforgettable one. Welcome drinks can be served by the pool and you can have a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the garden while all your guests enjoy the wonderful views.

These photos were taken by our loved friends Atmosphere. You can see the full wedding at Six Senses Douro Valley in their blog post.

six senses douro swimming poolsix senses douro valleysix senses joaorosavisuals

Lisbon Wedding Venues

Although these wedding venues in Portugal are not all in the Lisbon area, we decided to include under this topic since it is in the central area of Portugal, making it easy to fly to Lisbon and then go from there.

We absolutely love all of the wedding venues in Portugal that we are putting together on this list, but Areias do Seixo has some of our favoritism. I don’t know if you already seen some more about us, but we both love nature and we care for the environment so much. This place is known for its high environmental sustainability and was built in harmony with its surroundings and with Nature. From the construction of the building with the lowest environmental impact possible to the use of renewable energies and the use of natural resources, this place will make you and your guests both comfortable and at one with Nature.

It’s the small details that makes us love this wedding venue! The “from farm to fork concept”, the fact that you can have a piece of land to cultivate, the think-eco mindset and the composting circuit are just some of the things you can find there. If this isn’t enough to make you fall in love with the place, you have to wait to see it. It has a beautiful hotel with only 15 rooms where you can enjoy a sea view, a log fireplace or a bathtub with jacuzzi. If you prefer to have some privacy you can stay in some of their Villas with their own swimming pool.

Having your wedding in here will be one to remember and you will want to stay and live in this place forever. It is the perfect place to spend a couple days with your friends and family, with lots of areas to have a symbolic ceremony and to have a great party with everyone. If you ever dreamed about having an outdoor wedding, having dinner in big tables and singing and playing songs by a campfire, this is the place for you – but taking it to the next level.

Edit: I just shot a destination wedding in Areias do Seixo and let me tell you that wow. It’s everything I just said, and even more. The vibes of this place, the decor, the nature, the staff, everything is amazing and comes together for you to have the best days of your life.

Photos taken by our friend Golden Days Photo. You can check this wedding at Areias do Seixo, one of our favorite wedding venues in Portugal.

areias do seixo ceremonyareias do seixo weddingareias do seixo joaorosavisuals

If you liked what we said about Areias do Seixo, you should definitely check Rio do Prado as well. The alliance between beautiful suites and nature is also present in this venue and it was definitely a reason for us to include it in this list of the best wedding venues in Portugal. Its suites were build so the guests could enjoy the surrounding landscape. All of them include a beautiful fireplace and you can also find a firepit on the terrace area. Some suites even have an outdoor shower so you may sometimes feel like you’re in Bali instead of Portugal.

It is located in Óbidos, in the central part of Portugal. Óbidos is a picturesque and well preserved medieval village that is so worth of your visit you should at least reserve a day to visit it. It is also only a 20 min drive away from Peniche, city that usually holds a stage of the World Surf League, so if you’re a fan of surf, you can always go there and ride a couple of waves while you wait for the big day.

There are two things that make us fans of this place: one is the ceremony setting by the lake which looks gorgeous, and the other is the incredible wooden greenhouse. This greenhouse looks taken from Hollywood, with plenty of space to hold a contemporary decor and banquet long tables for you to have an amazing dinner with your guests.

This is not the place to get married if you’re looking for a classic wedding, but if you love boho and creative design associated with a modern lifestyle, you will fall in love with this wedding venue. And we always love to be back there! So if you think our cinematic and different approach to the wedding days are what you are looking for, reach out to us – we would love to get to know you!

Photos by The Framers. If you like some laid back photos with all your guests having a blast, you can check the full post of this wedding at Rio do Prado.

rio do prado swimming poolrio do prado ceremonyrio do prado wedding joaorosavisuals

We are halfway through, but as you can see we have very special wedding venues in Portugal where you can have your perfect wedding day. Having filmed in so many beautiful locations helps us help you during your day. We would love to film your wedding, so if you think we should do it, let’s meet!

When we think about Solar de Pancas, we immediately think about the Italian Villas from Tuscany. That front courtyard by itself makes this one of the coolest wedding venues in Portugal. The contrast you see in the building wall being half of it covered in leaves and the other half in light brown gives this venue a distinct look that we really love and we never get tired of.

This 500 year old building is classified by the Tourism of Portugal as of “high architectonic interest” and you will find plenty of gardens and beautiful corners where your guests can relax and have some cocktails while enjoying the good weather we have in our country. Solar de Pancas is located in a small town called Alenquer, only 25 mins from Lisbon, which can be good if you have lot’s of friends coming from other countries and flying to Lisbon.

It has a small chapel if you prefer to have a ceremony in there, but you can also find beautiful places for an outdoor ceremony in one of its many patios. It can accommodates up to 250 guests so there’s plenty of room to include all your loving ones. One of our favorite images of this venue is one of the guests having fun under those strings of bistro lights at night time. It so reminds us of a Sicilian countryside wedding, and we really love these kind of outdoor weddings.

These photos were taken by Ricardo Catarro and we absolutely love them. If you want to see the full wedding at Solar de Pancas you can follow this link.

solar de pancas joaorosavisualssolar de pancas ceremonysolar de pancas table setting

By now you should have realized that there’s a constant in most of the venues we have in this list. We promise it’s not on purpose and the fact that we love a good glass of red wine has nothing to do with this. But some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Portugal are indeed surrounded by vineyards, and built with and around this lifestyle. Quinta de Sant’Ana is also one of these. They call themselves a Family Wine Estate and we totally understand why. It is located near Tapada de Mafra (formerly the Portuguese King’s hunting grounds) and its history goes back to 1633, having many owners through generations.

We love the look of Quinta de Sant’Ana and how beautiful weddings in there are. From the big entrance iron gates surrounded by ivy-covered walls to the big manor house, it’s like having your wedding in your own private villa. There’s a Baroque chapel as well (although they don’t held weddings in there), lots of lush gardens and green lawns with ancient trees where you can have your wedding ceremony or simply relax and have some drinks with your friends. And, of course, the upwards sloping vineyards surrounding the place everywhere you look.

And then you have the Courtyard – the heart of the Quinta – sitting in front of the house that we love so much. It is the perfect place for a reception cocktail, before entering the Reception Hall. The wooden roof construction always catches our attention, and the string lights on top of the banquet style tables really makes this room worth of having an exquisite wedding dinner. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding in natural settings, in a venue full of history where every detail has its own history, this venue will tick all the boxes for you.

These awesome photos were taken by Pedro Lopes. You can check more of this wedding at Quinta de Sant’Ana on this blog post.

quinta de sant'ana joaorosavisualsquinta de sant'ana weddingquinta de sant'ana

Sintra is close to Lisbon, so you can fly in with your family and guests and arrange some easy transport to Sintra, which is a plus. Palácio de Seteais in Sintra is one of the prettiest wedding venues you can find in Portugal. It’s a big and beautiful palace, with an enormous garden in the front and some more in the back, where you can throw a reception party or some cocktail drinks for your guests.

It has plenty of rooms for you and everyone coming to the wedding, including a couple of big suites so you can feel like a real princess, a library, and lots of beautiful living rooms to explore. Let’s just say you won’t feel like you don’t have enough space there. It is one of the wedding venues in Portugal where you can find a tennis court and a big swimming pool, perfect for relaxing after the big day (or cure the hangover, who knows!).

Oh, and the sunset that you can see from its balcony is just unreal. We had the privilege of filming a Brazilian wedding there and it was a weekend we will never forget!

These photos were taken by our friends The Framers. You can check the rest of this wedding on this blog post.

seteais palace ceremonypalacio seteais sintraseteais palace joaorosavisuals

Penha Longa Resort is a stunning luxury hotel where you can find everything you need to throw your perfect wedding. It is one of the most luxurious resort we have and this is why we decided to have it in our list of the best wedding venues in Portugal to get married. Located in Sintra, one of the hotspots for weddings in our country, this resort have lush gardens and mountain lakes, a world champion class 27-hole golf course, a luxurious spa and a wellness centre. Not to mention that you can find not one, not two, but three Michelin-star restaurants where you can have some of the best our gastronomy has to offer.

Inside Penha Longa Resort you will find a monastery whose construction goes back to the XIV century. The royal family continued its legacy with the construction of the Main Church and Cloisters in the XVI century, in Renaissance style. Only after being severely damaged by the 1755’s earthquake, this monastery finds its final form under the lines of the XVIII century baroque fashion.

You can use the church if you’re planning a religious ceremony, or you can also have an outdoor symbolic ceremony in one of the two main gardens in the monastery, where the chairs are usually disposed by an ancient oak tree and next to a small beautiful fountain. There’s a couple more gardens or rooms where you will find the perfect location for a reception cocktail or even the dance floor – you can even use the main ballroom in the Monastery, where you can have up to 600 guests, being the perfect location if you have a big number of guests attending your wedding.

Either if you ever dreamed about having a luxury wedding or a wedding in a vintage scenario, Penha Longa Resort can accomplish all of your wishes, and they will definitely make sure that this will be the best day of your life.

These photos were taken by our friend and mountain lover Pedro Lopes. Feel free to check this wedding in this blog post, as well as the rest of his work.

penha longa joaorosavisualspenha longa resort weddingpenha longa resort wedding ceremony

This is one of the few we just added to this list of the best wedding venues in Portugal. We shot a wedding there this year and we immediately fell in love with it.

Quinta da Bella Vista is a beautiful wedding venue located in Sintra, Portugal. It offers a breathtaking view of the Portuguese countryside and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a perfect location for an outdoor destination wedding. The venue features a stunning, historic mansion, which serves as a backdrop for the ceremony and reception.

We really appreciate the venue’s elegant, romantic and artistic atmosphere, which provides a sophisticated and enchanting ambiance for your special day. The property features beautiful gardens, a spacious terrace and a stunning greenhouse where you can have your wedding dinner. The venue can accommodate a variety of event styles, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, and their experienced staff is dedicated to making sure your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed of.

These photos were taken by our friend and one of our favorite photographers Pedro Lopes. Feel free to check his amazing work following this link.

bella vista sintra wedding ceremonyBella Vista sintra greenhousedestination wedding quinta da bella vista sintra

Another beautiful venue in Alentejo. We just love keep coming back to this amazing region of Portugal and just be offline for a couple of days once in a while.

Located in the heart of the Alentejo region, Malhadinha Nova boasts breathtaking views of the rolling hills and vineyards. This setting provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Not to forget that you can enjoy a marvellous spa and an excellent wine cellar. Doing a wine tasting with your friends and family is surely one of the highlights of every wedding we shot there.

The venue’s restaurant offers a diverse range of delicious dishes, using fresh, local ingredients. Whether you prefer a formal sit-down dinner or a more relaxed buffet style, the culinary team at Malhadinha Nova can accommodate your needs. One of the best BBQs we ever had was at this place – it was so delicious! The best thing about getting married in this part of Portugal is that you will have one of the best weather possible, meaning you can plan an al fresco dinner and not fear that your guests might get a bit cold. You will also enjoy some really nice fire pits to stay warm.

If you love good food, good wine, beautiful landscapes and amazing sunsets, this place is a no brainer! Make sure you reserve a couple of days prior to your wedding and after the day to really enjoy the best this place has to offer. Spending some days here with your friends and family will make you love our beautiful country.

We had the pleasure of working with the talented Youri Claessens on this wedding. Make sure to check more of his incredible photos at Herdade da Malhadinha Nova.

herdade da malhadinha nova sunsetherdade da malhadinha nova transferwedding dinner at herdade da malhadinha nova

If you’re into an outdoor wedding, we think you should definitely take a look at L’AND. It is located in the heart of Alentejo and therefore, the odds of having your wedding on a sunny day are really high. Considering this, having a swimming pool is almost mandatory and the one at L’AND is simply beautiful, commanding sublime views of the lake and the Medieval hilltop castle of Montemor.

Other than this, you can have plenty of activities to do while you and your friends are enjoying some days in this amazing place. You can find more than 30 luxury suites and villas, so there’s plenty of room for you and your guests to stay – which is really good considering that this is pretty isolated – and this is also why we love this. If names like Márcio Kogan and Michael Biberstein ring a bell on you, then you don’t need to look for more wedding venues in Portugal because you may have just found the right one. Kogan’s interiors and Biberstein’s artwork are one of the highlights of this resort and you will absolutely love every corner of it.

Alentejo is probably the best place in Portugal to watch the starry sky and they didn’t forget this when they created the suites with a huge retractable window in the ceiling which allows you to virtually sleep under the stars. But in the comfort of their rooms.

This is another of the wedding venues in Portugal where Nature meets architecture and the modern lines of it are truly inspirational for creative people. And all of this surrounded by vineyards. This is the perfect venue to celebrate your wedding in a romantic atmosphere, and more than that, it is a place for you to stay and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

These photos were taken by our talented friend Golden Days Photo.

LAND vineyardsLAND swimming poolLAND alfresco dinner joaorosavisuals

We want to make sure that we are not ranking these wedding venues in Portugal in any particular order, because Sublime Comporta is definitely one of our favorites! Sublime Comporta sits in Comporta region, which is about 1 hour driving from our capital and is also famous for its traditional salt extraction and artisanal fishing values that pass on the generations to come.

This resort is more of a modern hideaway with fine cuisine and beautiful yet humble landscapes (its 17 acres of mature pines, cork trees, rice fields and white sandy beaches will make you feel perfectly connected with Nature). This is one of the perfect places where you can come with your guests and enjoy a private and relaxed weekend full of activities and not only spending your wedding day in the venue. This rustic-chic retreat offers 23 rooms and 22 villas distributed across several buildings adding to the intimacy of the hotel. Each interior is different, with subtle color palettes and a huge respect for local materials and crafts.

And, most importantly, the hotel’s architecture gives precedence to the selection of sustainable materials that have the least impact possible on the surrounding nature. Which for us, as you should already know by now, means so much. They also use solar energy to make their villas 100% autonomous, and they support local producers and stakeholders to ensure the best products for their guests. You can even find one of the largest bio pools in Europe in Sublime Comporta. There’s honestly nothing we don’t love about this venue. Be it large or small, you can have the most memorable wedding in Sublime Comporta.

Photos taken by Hugo Coelho. He’s one of our favorite wedding photographers in Portugal.

sublime comporta poolsublime comporta wedding joaorosavisualssublime comporta wedding dinner

Welcome to the sunniest area of Portugal. If you think Portugal has great weather, wait until you go to the southern part of Portugal. This is a place where you can always feel safe about throwing an al fresco dinner or having your friends dancing under the stars because the weather is just great all year round.

Don’t worry if you’ve never seen this place when looking for best wedding venues in Portugal. It is because this was literally the first wedding ever shot there, and to be honest, it is one of our favorite places. These places tend to be the best ones because 1) your images will be unique and 2) they tend to be absolutely stunning. Its minimalist aesthetic architecture is one of a kind, and reminds us of some cool remote ares around the world.

You can enjoy an infinite pool with one of the best views and sunsets we have ever witnessed, and the best part is that this venue has some suites where you and your friends and family can stay and enjoy a cool vacation while everyone’s having fun at your wedding. These are our favorite weddings for sure!!

It had to be one of our favorite photographers ever to take these incredible photos. And if you’re havinf your wedding on a place like this, you need to make sure you are having the best ones with you. You can see some more of this wedding at Ricardo Catarro’s website.

Praia do Canal Resort Weddingwedding couple at Praia do CanalCouple champagne celebration

Algarve Wedding Venues

If Portugal is known for its sun and good weather, Algarve is THE place to enjoy it at its fullest. Known for its tourism way before the rest of the cities of Portugal, Algarve is the sunniest place in Portugal, and you will love to enjoy some quality time there. This is one of the many reasons Algarve is a major location for destination weddings, with guests coming from all over the world to get married here. This is one of the reasons Algarve have some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Portugal.

Os Agostos is located in Faro, Algarve and is a Local Accommodation. It’s not a huge hotel or resort, neither a Quinta or Villa, which has its own advantages. This is why we decided to include it in our favorite wedding venues in Portugal. If you are looking for a relaxed and traditional country house for a smaller wedding, this might be the perfect venue for you (and while we say small, it can still fits 150 people!).

The extensive property offers 5 guest rooms so you and your closest friends and family can arrive sooner and throw a welcome BBQ by the pool and get the party started while enjoying the great weather. If the weather is not so good and you need a plan B – which we honestly think you won’t – Os Agostos also have other Venue Rooms which you can use, including The Stables or even The Cellar where most of the times the disco floor is set.

You will find plenty to explore in the grounds of Os Agostos – there is an olive press house, many beautiful courtyards, a barn and an orange grove. This is the perfect venue for you if you are looking for a beautiful sunny outdoor garden party, with friends and family dining alfresco under lantern lights.

These photos were taken by Lapela Photography. We absolutely love this wedding shot at Os Agostos – you can see the full wedding here.

os agostos wedding dinneros agostos joaorosavisualsos agostos wedding

This is the second venue located in Algarve that we wanted in our list of the best wedding venues in Portugal. This venue is part of the Pousadas de Portugal group (where you can also find Pousada de Amares for example which we already mentioned on this list) and it is indeed a Palace where you can clearly identify the Rococo style with its elaborate ornamentation and pastel color palette.

You can find hidden spots all over this venue and beautiful backyards and well-kept gardens where you can either have an outdoor ceremony or a cocktail with your guests during sunset. Being located in Estoi, a little Algarve village which sits in the valley of Serra do Caldeirão means that you will have wonderful sights and the light in there is no less than perfect.

It can be the perfect venue if you prefer to have a small wedding but you can also enjoy a big 3-day wedding with all your friends and family in this luxurious place. Don’t forget that this XVIII century palace holds a luxury hotel in it, which has anything but old-fashioned, and you and your guests will be able to enjoy the stay in our amazing country.

This is a romantic yet chic venue and you will fall in love with it from the moment you see it. We really love the contrast between the dusky pink walls of the building and the blue from the tiles, and it looks so beautiful in the images. So if you are looking to get married in Algarve, this palace is a unique wedding venue in Portugal and you will find a magical atmosphere in there.

These photos were captured by our friends Lapela. They’re incredible wedding photographers in Algarve and we love hanging out with them!

Estoi Palace joaorosavisualsEstoi Palace weddingEstoi Palace wedding dinner alfresco

For us, these are the best wedding venues in Portugal, where you can have your gorgeous wedding with family and friends!


But don’t forget that you can also have a more intimate wedding with just the love of your life or with a couple of guests. We also love that! We already filmed some intimate weddings or elopements and we always get so stoked about them. You can check this one for example, that was arranged in the gardens of Palácio Monserrate, in Sintra, in the ruins of an old chapel.

We don’t know if you have noticed but the photos we displayed on this post were not taken from us. This is because we wanted to introduce you to the amazing work of some of our favorite photographers in Portugal. We are lucky enough to have them as friends and we absolutely love their work. We would love to help you if you need some recommendations for your wedding day – even for other vendors like wedding planners, make up artists or DJ. Just send us an e-mail and let’s chat.

Either if you’re looking into some of these gorgeous wedding venues in Portugal to have a big wedding – maybe even a 2 or 3 day party with your friends – or if you’re thinking about doing something smaller in other places (maybe by the sea or on top of a mountain) we would love to be there and tell your story about love.


We love to connect with people and create unique films. Not only because it makes us extremely happy, but also because we want to make sure you enjoy our videos as much as you will enjoy your wedding day! So if you have any questions about our work let us know and we will make sure we arrange some call with you to get to know you.

We would love to be with you during your wedding day.

If you are looking for a wedding videographer feel free to contact us!

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