Intimate Wedding

Intimate wedding

Intimate Wedding // Without any questions, this was one of our highlights from 2020. There were a lot of coincidences around this intimate wedding, but also so much love involved that I need to explain to you what just happened before showing you this perfect day.

Fátima and Henrique are close friends of ours. Fátima and Isabel taught in the same school for a couple of years and became close friends, then one thing pulls another and we are all close friends by now. Fátima used to come to our house and play my Vimeo account on our big screen – this means that even the private wedding videos she was able to see.

She fell in love with our work more and more and even told Henrique that she wanted to get married so we could make a film for them as well. She said this over and over again and one time – on a surprise boat trip – Henrique proposed to Fátima. I think Isabel was one of the first persons to know it actually, and it was settled, we were going to make their film, and we already knew it way before getting the rest of the details for the wedding.

But then, this crazy pandemic started to close everything in March 2020 and things got a bit out of everyone’s hands. It was when Vera from Ideas de Veludo called me (I was lying in my bed in prophylactic isolation due to some fever so I’ll never forget it for sure!) with the most amazing idea ever.

She wanted to do a Giveaway. A real intimate wedding, for a real couple, with everything that a perfect wedding should have. To show that love can be postponed but is not cancelled. I think that since I’ve started doing wedding videos I’ve always wanted to do a giveaway like this, but never find the time and motivation to do it. This seemed the perfect opportunity to merge everything together.

The only condition was that the couple must be engaged and should have their wedding arranged and postponed due to Covid19. We immediately called Fátima and told her she should enter the giveaway, as we did with some other friends that were engaged. She started commenting some entries and told us that no one ever wins stuff like these. Until it happened, and they were chosen among hundreds and hundreds of entries! They couldn’t be more excited about this and so were we.

Vera put together the most awesome team to work with to bring this amazing intimate wedding to life! We were shooting alongside Vanessa and Ivo from Momento Cativo and we were sure that we were going to play along just perfect. The photos featured speaks from themselves so please do check them out in this blog post from 100 Layer Cake..

It’s no surprise that we really love these kind of intimate weddings (you can see more here and here just to name a few), but one of the things that I love the most about this day was that I could honestly do whatever I wanted to do with them and with the edit afterwards. Despite being something for the couple, it was also something for us so we put our hearts into it and created this video. They loved and they can’t wait for the party to happen with all family and friends!

This is “If I could get you to do one thing”.


Planning and coordination: Ideias de Veludo | Decor and Styling: Bouquet de Liz | Photography: Momento Cativo | Video: João Rosa Visuals | Dress: Joana Montez | Bride’s shoes: Crème Caviar | Wedding rings: Bruna Vasconcelos Jewellery | Beauty: Jenny Make Up Land | Cake: Humor ao Lume | Celebrant: Celebrar o Amor | Music: Music Box Porto | Saxophone player: Hugo Marinheiro Sax Events

JOAOROSAVISUALS // Destination Wedding Videographer

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