Micro Wedding

Micro wedding

We just found out that if there’s one type of weddings we really love is Micro Weddings

We have been fortunate enough to have some talented people around us that we can call friends. Daniel from Prometo Amar-te is one of them, for sure. And so are Sandra and Miguel from Atmosphere Photography. Having them close by usually means we’ve got a big day coming up, as had already happened before (check this wedding!). But let’s go back a bit in time so I can explain to you what happened.

The brilliant idea behind this Micro Wedding

Despite loving this idea of intimate and micro weddings (even more after this one!), it’s still not very common in Portugal. So Daniel, who already knew Inês and Nelson talked with them about this whole idea of doing a wedding just for the two of them.

We were immediately in for this and couldn’t be more thrilled. Daniel says that this project came up in a time where social distancing is imposed on all of us, but love and the union of loving ones can’t be postponed – in his words “In times of change and fear, it’s urgent to celebrate Love, even if the ones that we cherish the most are not able to be present. This was meant to be an intimate wedding, deprived of hugs but not of affection.”

Morning brunch and preparation at Oryza Guest House

We went to Oryza Guest House & Suites in the morning because they were throwing a brunch with their closest friends and we didn’t want to miss anything about their special day. A table for six was beautifully set by Daniel and his team under the trees where we could hear the birds and enjoy some relaxing time in this gorgeous Guest House in Coimbra.

The inside of it is gorgeous! With vintage decor, and maintaining the original kitchen, every corner is a good spot to shoot some video. It was the second time we were visiting this place and we were still discovering new places to shoot with our couples.

Inês, the bride, is a make up artist so she was doing her own makeup – and this was not the coolest thing about her, as you can see in the video! They got ready in the Guest House and then we went to one of our favorite wedding venues in Coimbra.

When a huge Palace is also the best place for a Micro Wedding

As you should already know by now, Palácio de São Marcos is by far one of our top10 venues to get married in Portugal. It now belongs to the University of Coimbra and was built in the XV century and its architecture, together with its gardens and hidden spots makes it one of our favorites! We’ve been there already a couple of times but we always love to be back there.

Since the ceremony was only for six people, it was arranged to be in the cloister. The ceremony was one of the most powerful ones we’ve ever witnessed (please check the video so you can see Nelson’s reaction to Inês coming down the aisle, I can’t describe it well enough). Everything about it was beautiful, the decoration, the music, the space, the couple. Everything.

After this symbolic ceremony we were outside again, enjoying the gardens and the palace all for ourselves and to shoot some videos with the couple. This was when all magic started to happen. Early in the morning we got under the impression that Inês was a natural in front of the camera, but during this shoot with Nelson we were still amazed by how natural and cool they both look on camera. The light was absolutely gorgeous and their love made the rest happen. To be honest, I don’t even know how we sometimes are able to shoot stuff like this (I guess we are just some lucky wedding videographers).

Now comes the best part – Inês brought a leather jacket and cowboy boots to go with her gorgeous wedding dress by Organza, and we loved it! Not only because she looked like a rockstar but because every bride should bring her own personality to her wedding day.

When the sun was finally setting we went for the most gorgeous wedding dinner ever. A small table set for them and their closest friends, where every little detail was carefully planned by Prometo Amar-te – this was the perfect definition of a micro wedding.

We honestly don’t have anything else to add, but we hope the video we made is enough to show you how this beautiful day was, and more important – micro weddings can mean so much!

Super thanks to every vendors involved in this day as well. Being wedding videographers ourselves is only possible when we have the best ones working along us.

This is ‘Hold me close and hold me fast’,  a micro wedding video that warms our hearts everytime we see it!

JOAOROSAVISUALS // Destination Wedding Videographer

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