Romantic Wedding

This romantic wedding in Portugal is definitely one of our favorites.

Romantic Wedding in Portugal

We love traveling. We love discovering new places. I believe traveling and being in contact with different countries and cultures pumps our creativity so much, and we always feel the rush when we get on the planes for the next destination wedding. But we also love shooting destination weddings in Portugal. Our country has so much to offer that we just love it so much. The more we travel the more we’re sure about this.

And the truth is, we feel like we’re playing the game at home, you know? Portugal is one of the best countries in the world to have your destination wedding. The food is great, people are nice, we always have great weather, so you can’t go wrong in choosing Portugal. And of course we are totally biased by saying this ahah. Not to mention that Portugal has in it’s own history, so many references to love and beautiful stories, making it the perfect place to have the Romantic Wedding  you’ve always dreamed of.

I will try to show you a little bit more of this gorgeous romantic wedding in Portugal, but the images speak for themselves. The video we were able to create is 99% on Deana and James, their friends and their families. We were just there to have fun and try to capture everything that we saw. Starting by the venue they chose to have their romantic wedding – Palace Marqueses da Fronteira. It is one of our favorites, and this is also why we have it in our list of the Best Wedding Venues in Portugal.

The Palace Marqueses da Fronteira is a 17th-century palace located in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. It is known for its beautiful gardens and historical significance, making it a popular venue for weddings. The palace is an excellent example of Portuguese Baroque architecture, with intricate detailing and beautiful frescoes adorning the walls and ceilings. One of the reasons why we love this venue so much is the blue tiles terrace where usually dinner is served on an alfresco attire. Definitely one of our favorite spots. We wouldn’t chose any other venue to have a gorgeous destination romantic wedding in Portugal.

The perfect couple for a Romantic Wedding

We first met Deana on Instagram and we instantly connect. She was a gorgeous bride reaching out to us because she was having their destination wedding in Portugal. Deana’s parents are Portuguese, and so is Deana, despite moving to the US while still a child, so she had this connection with our beautiful country and wanted to have here their wedding.

From the first few DM’s we’ve exchanged, our friendship started to grow more and more, and we spend hours discussing their plans for the wedding. As soon as we got to know James we knew they were perfect for each other. Both so kind and caring, showing love and affection to one another. We knew immediately that we were going to have an amazing day, full of emotions – not to mention that both of them looked out of a magazine cover! We couldn’t be more thrilled to film their wedding.

Time went by so fast while we were talking about their wedding, and soon enough, their day has arrived. They were having the most beautiful and romantic wedding in Portugal. The ceremony was set in one of Palace’s gardens, with chairs lined up to a beautiful arch, where a friend of theirs was going to leading the ceremony.

A beautiful romantic wedding in Portugal with lots of tears but so much fun!

We are fortunate enough to have shot some beautiful romantic weddings already (such as this one featured by 100 Layer Cake wedding blog) but this one is staying in our hearts forever. We had it all. The couple could perfectly be models hired for a styled shoot as seen in Vogue or something like that. We had the most gorgeous wedding venue perfectly decorated by our dear friend Blue Tiles Events who we love to work with. An unforgettable first look. Beautiful vows. Meaningful speeches.


Deana is Portuguese and James also has some Latino roots, so you can imagine how the party looked like. So much fun, with everyone dancing under the moonlight with the beautiful picturesque tiles as a background.

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