Killer Queen

Killer Queen

Engagement shoot // We met Maria João and Nuno on a wedding we shot. In fact, Maria João got the bouquet but the party was so awesome that we needed to look for the footage in order to know what really happened there (let’s just leave it for another time). A couple months after their friend’s wedding, they reached out to us and told us that they wanted us to shoot their wedding as well.

Since we already met in the previous wedding we arranged a couple coffees to talk a bit better about their wedding day but than 2020 happened. The pandemic hit and they didn’t want to have their wedding in such conditions, putting family and friends at risk. But they still wanted to mark their date so we decided to do an engagement shoot. They talked with Miguel Matos as well to jump on board and we head to Costa Vincentina, in the southern part of Portugal. They had some ideas for the engagement session but when we heard about them we were all in for it! They wanted to rent a camper van to spend the wedding weekend and wanted to shoot in and with it.

We first met in Sintra for a quick stop at sunset in one of the most amazing beaches you could ever imagine, a place called Praia da Ursa, which is not very easy to go but totally worth it. We were there until the sun set and we had to hike back using our iPhone flashlights to see the trail. This was a great start! We went south the day after, driving and stoping in some iconic places for them since they usually spend their holidays in that area.

We were able to shoot in so many locations and so many different situations! That’s why we love our small country so much. It wasn’t our first time in this area, we already had an adventurous couple surfing here as well, but it’s always great to be back! Shooting from dawn to dusk with them was a dream come true.

Among many kms, endless talks, laughs and so much fun, we were able to create this to mark the first date of their wedding day. We will meet in 2021 for sure and throw an awesome party for everyone!

This is “Killer Queen”.

JOAOROSAVISUALS // destination wedding videographer

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